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The Verge dug up some real big images of Sony VAIO computers. Check them out here!

Natalie says exactly what I’m thinking when I help people with computers.

It’s a surprise to me that this video is still even up online. But here’s why it’s special: A guy named Kyle McDonald installed some sort of software/hack (I really don’t want to get into it) on over 100 computers at the Apple Store in the Meatpacking in NYC and recorded a picture of a […]


Franco Recchia is an artist that uses old computer parts to construct modern cityscapes. His sculptures are pretty amazing and I love that he’s chosen NYC, Boston, and Pittsburgh as examples of his creativity on his website.

DOT MATRIX REVOLUTION from superbrothers on Vimeo. Not meant to be a precise depiction of information technology history, this video by Superbrothers was made back in 2006 with the music of Jim Guthrie helping to drive the video along. It shows two IT folks dancing off to a series of beeps and boops from the […]