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For those of you who care (my guess is that a lot of you don’t), MISHKA has started a tumblr called The MISHKA Design Dungeon all about showcasing never-before-seen artwork, concepts, ideas, and failures that shaped the company into what it is today. There aren’t a lot of posts yet since it’s only 1 day […]


Man, everything that comes out of the Canada Goose factory is certified gold. I love this Alberta Vest. More photos here Canada Goose for Concepts | A/W Alberta Vest Collaboration from The Buther's Block on Vimeo. .


I know I’ll never get a chance to own a pair of these Blue Lobster Dunks because of the limited run and the expensive price, so these pictures will have to do. Concepts really did a good job on this product packaging, putting the shoe in a HAZMAT-like foam container to emphasize the danger of […]