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This lamp is called the Slash Lamp by Dragos Motica and it involves cracking the concrete covering with a hard surface to reveal the light underneath through the mesh cage.


This is the first time I’m seeing the LUNA Concrete iPhone 5/5s skin. This would undoubtedly go well with the concrete desk accessories I posted earlier. Just $25 will get you this look! More images inside.

This machine was inspired by dreaming about gear ratios and considering the unexpected implications of exponential powers. Each worm/worm gear pair reduces the speed of the motor by 1/50th. Since there are 12 pairs of gears, the final speed reduction is calculated by (1/50)12. The implications are quite large. With the motor turning around 200 […]


Here’s an interesting tidbit of trivia. Dotted across the US from East to West are giant concrete arrows that once helped airmail pilots to navigate the country. The arrows were often paired with giant metal towers to help pilots see them from a distance. Today, the metal towers are gone, but the giant concrete arrows […]