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This is one of the coolest things I’ve seen for the iPhone. A new device called AutomaticĀ plugs into your car’s dataport (apparently all modern cars have one and it’s the same port used by mechanics) and connects to you iPhone to track your driving habits, sendĀ maintenanceĀ reports, tell you where your car is parked, and call […]

Couple, a new app for the iPhone, looks to creatively connect couples through the iPhone so that they are never a digital touch away from each other. Kind of creepy, but if this is your thing, here you go! The app is free!


I am in love with this project called the Good Night Lamp on Kickstarter. It’s a set of house-shaped lights that are connected via the internet from anywhere in the world. The lamps allow you to have a visual signal that can play out in a number of scenarios, some of which are outlined in […]

All of these things. All of these definitions. In the end, it is Facebook. AMIRIGHT?! LOL.


Listen Here is a project that connects locals in an area with the tourists by having the locals set audio-recording and streaming devices at their favorite locations and then having tourists listen in on a map to decide whether they want to visit that area based on the sounds of it. [via] Listen Here from […]

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Arnold DC agency in Arlington, Virginia created these very graphical ads for Amtrak to help them spread word that 12 of their lines now had on-board Wi-Fi. Certainly a very eye-catching piece — but will it convince people to take the rail instead of flying? [via]