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There have been plenty of unofficial 30-pin to micro-USB adapters floating around, but now Apple has unveiled an official micro-USB adapter for a bit more than $15 USD. If you need one, I suggest spending a lot less on this black version which does the job just as well.

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We’re doing a bit of housecleaning at the office and I came across this odd Apple cable adapter in one of the drawers. It looks to me like it’s a very, very, very short DVI extension because both ends are DVI male-female. It’s presumably been tucked away for a while and I assume that nobody […]

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New to Blackburn’s 2010 bike equipment line is a new adaptation of the Flea front light with a USB charging station. The previous version of the Flea required connecting two ends of a charger onto a battery. The new USB charging station makes it a bit less cumbersome, doing away with the wires and making […]


CableJive was kind enough to send me their iStubz and I’m even more convinced now that this is the single most important accessory to own if you have an iPod, iPhone, or iPod touch. As I mentioned earlier, the standard-issue iPod dock connector cables are way too long for no apparent reason. In my own […]


A company called CableJive has hit upon quite possibly the greatest improvement to the iPod/iPhone/iPod touch in a very long time with their line of iStubz. [via] iStubz are very short iPod connector cables that greatly reduce confusion, entanglement, and headache on your desktop. There are times when a long cable is needed and there […]