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Photo: Toby Smith More commonly known for their mis-management of resources and overal disregard for the environment, China is beginning to take their toll on the environment more seriously with a series of actions taken to ensure that their place in the world pollution spectrum is at its minimum. The country is looking into alternative […]

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The New York Times published an article yesterday about the modern practice of obsessively photographing one’s food before consuming it. In the article, they talk to a few mildly famous individuals who are known around the world for posting delicious photos of their every meal (and snack) for all the web to see. One person […]

Here’s the teaser video for an upcoming film called Press Pause Play that takes a look at the current power struggle happening in the media world as new technologies bump old ways out the door. Press Pause Play has gotten a bunch of important visionaries in digital media and interviewed them on how the production, […]


Mike Harding has created a website called Coffee By Week to track his coffee consumption through the end of the year. You can click on each day of the week and see how many coffees he’s had. Mike also tracks the total of cups of coffee and how much he has spent on coffee which […]

If you’ve ever had the opportunity to see Chris Jordan’s work up close and in person, you’ll know that right away his prints are so large that they feel like they are swallowing you into the work itself. That’s the power behind Chris Jordan’s work and in the video above he talks briefly about what […]