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This reminds me of contact juggling — except it’s with rings instead of glass balls.

YMFY came across this amazing video taken in 1976 of a tribe called Toulambis in Papua New Guinea encountering white man for the first time. The curiosity captured on video by both sides is simply amazing. At around 4:45, you can see the tribesmen start to rub the skin of the white man to see […]

Friends from Oliver Cameron on Vimeo. Gadget Lab wrote a small piece today about a new upcoming app for the iPhone called Friends that aims to bring all of your various online contacts lists in one place (without necessarily syncing them together). The app isn’t out just yet, but when it is, I cannot wait […]

This is so good! I used to see performers doing this in Melbourne on Swanston Street. Thanks Joyce!

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Paula Scher and Lisa Kitschenberg over at Pentagram helped redesign the look of renu multipupose contact solution. It’s a big change from their previous look and one that I think is done really well. It sort of resembles a water bottle and I guess for a product that’s meant to re-hydrate your eyeballs, that’s a […]