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Jackson Robinson can do no wrong. He makes a number of my favorite playing card decks. And now The Independence set has been added to my owned list.

I’m posting this mainly because near the 7 minute mark, they make a trip towards Area 51 and talk about all the weird sensors and monitoring in that area.


Hand-made in Texas by David Klose. Here’s a video about his custom creations that sometimes run almost as much as a small house.  

The Rapha Continental: Sapa from RAPHA on Vimeo. These Rapha videos are always so damn pretty.

The Rapha Continental: Tohoku from RAPHA on Vimeo. Wow, this is a truly beautiful video of the Rapha riders going through areas of Japan which were devastated by the tsunami a few years back. In between scenes of the riders are a few master sword makers who dish out some very insightful facts about the […]

Rapha produced this video of their team of rides doing the Triple Crown, a ride that requires participants to ride up Vancouver’s Seymour, Grouse, and Cypress mountains all in one day. It looks like these guys had a lot of fun along the way. And as always Rapha puts out an amazing visual piece to […]