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With this Magic Lantern firmware (not released yet), the 5D Mark III is going to be a super-powerful and capable camera. This could change things drastically!

Remember Magic Lantern’s impressive efforts to bring continuous RAW video recording to the Canon 5D Mark III? Here’s somebody taking that custom firmware and filming random clips around Brighton.

That sound is so sweet! Canon EOS-1D X – Continuous Shooting Mode from photographyblog on Vimeo.


For a DSLR, this is a big move: Canon just introduced the Rebel T4i with continuous AF during movie mode. How this will work and affect video sound quality is yet to be seen however.


British designer Sam Hallows goes back to art school basics in this series of 5 illustrations of Star Wars objects all done with a single continuous line.


Looks like the Music Video Genome has competition in Show Me Non-Stop. While both sites are powered by the same back-end search engine (VHX), Show Me Non-Stop certainly looks a whole lot better. And when two things do the same thing, it’s always best to go with the better looking one. Play with it here.