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A movie about real-life mob contract killer Richard Kuklinski. This could be good.


Reyhan Harmanci over at BuzzFeed has written an eye-opening article about the select individuals Google hires as contract freelancers to weed out the despicable, gruesome, and highly inappropriate parts of the internet. The interview with one such Google hire states that he’s developed dark psychological problems due to the nature of his work — that […]


Photo: Getty A really great read on the outspoken disrespect Carmelo Anthony had for Jeremy Lin by saying Lin’s contract numbers with the Rockets were “ridiculous”. What’s relevant here is not whether Melo was right or not about Lin’s contract. Plenty of NBA players surely agree with him. What’s relevant is that he said it […]

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While Boy Genius Report is showing off some much better images of the Google Phone/Nexus One, one source is spreading the rumor that the phone could come as soon as January 5th for just $199 — and that’s without a contract! If that’s the case, I am 90% sure I am going to kiss my […]


I’m a bit late to this, so hopefully most of you have already seen this deal elsewhere, but in case you haven’t here’s what’s up: All AT&T phones for 1 cent today only (as long as you commit to a new 2-year contract. There are plenty of phones to choose from (I only screenshotted several […]

This video hits close to home. Now that I’m basically searching for a job full-time, I come across a lot of job postings that ask for a lot and pay little or nothing at all in return. Granted, some of these job postings I come across are “internships” which is one way companies/people get great […]