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This insanely large LEGO machine eats balls for lunch. Talk about a noisy machine! [via]

I so desperately wanted this to be real, but alas, it is not (so please stop sending this in!). What’s shown here is a man named Joe Rinaudo playing a custom musical rig with the audio replaced by the video uploader to include silly sound effects. If this were real however, I’m sure Guns n’ […]

Wired UK is reporting on this lovely contraption made by Swedish artist Akay of a trailer that attaches to a bicycle and spray paints a perfect rainbow arch on any wall lined up against it. The end result is a must-see! I want one!! [via]

BoingBoing posted this weird contraption and I sort of want one to play with. I know, I know…this is stupid. But I want one.

In this old video footage, an enthusiastic man demonstrates a contraption he conjured up that allows him to imitate the sounds from a xylophone with incredible speed and accuracy. Wonderful!