Tag: cool

The Presets “Promises” from Special Problems on Vimeo. Wow, this is the new song from The Presets? LOVE!

Waiting For Tomorrow To Wake Up from Monster Children Magazine on Vimeo. Just a nice feel-goody video from Monster Children.

YBC // GBK // Greenroom 136 // The Nature from YellowBikeCompany on Vimeo. I can never understand why these cycling videos are named like this. Really great vid though. If you love the song like I do, here it is: Cee-Roo : The Message (Feat. Grandmaster Flash)

Really interesting video on how this person made up a neat looking signature for a fake name. I’m watching this because my own signature looks like chicken scratch. Maybe that’s a good signature???

Gawker shares this adorable video of a hot dog basking in the cool of a car’s AC on blast. Look how happy he is!

This video of the solar eclipse was done by collecting 700 images from a Coronado Solar Max 60 Double Stack telescope. According to the video uploader, “the Telescope has a very narrow bandpass allowing you to see the chromosphere and not the much brighter photosphere below it.” I believe it! [via]