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This is the TILT and unfortunately it’s currently sold out. But no matter, I will still write about it like it’s in stock. Back in 2011, this project raised a whopping $22,000 on Kickstarter — way above its intended $8000 mark — and turned the MacBook Pro cooling stand industry on its head. The TILT […]


The AirSlab is a gorgeous way to cool down your MacBook/MacBook Pro with natural wood at a reasonable price. Just $45 for the 13″ model and $49 for the 15″ model.


Photo: Michael Nichols National Geographic posted this nice photo of a tiger cooling off in a watering hole in India. The photo was snapped by an automatic camera trap fitted with crossing infrared beams to trigger the shutter.


I think all projectors should at least look as decent as this. I really don’t like it when projector cooling outlets are on the side. Of course, I have no idea what the other side of this projector looks like — the exhaust could very well just be on the other side of the unit […]