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This app sounds amazing if only for the simultaneous copy and checksum verification aspect of it. Would be a huge time-saver for having personal copies and delivering client drives AT THE SAME TIME.


Maybe it’s because I just came back from watching World War Z and doomsday scenarios are on my mind, but these official instructions from Wikipedia on how to preserve its contents in case of a “non-localized event that would render the continuation of Wikipedia in its current form untenable” is freaky! It’s called their Terminal […]


This is a bit like the autopen machine used by President Obama except that this version shown here is a lot more precise and complicated. It can mimic brush strokes, pressure, and angle just as a human hand would when writing Japanese calligraphy.


Am I the last person to find out about this? It turns out that you can download all the information in your Facebook profile via Facebook (you have to be logged in, obviously).

The difference between the 1st and 2nd copy is striking. And at around the 5th or 6th generation, the video is barely watchable. Then at the 9th generation, all color is gone completely — never thought that would happen. And then, well, it just gets worse. Interesting experiment.

You know, it would be pretty great if Apple could actually make a vacuum cleaner…