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I didn’t think there was anything wrong with the original PowerCurl, but it seems Quirky has redone the design for this MacBook/MacBook Pro charger organizer with a silicone wrap that keeps everything in place. A small but welcome improvement for those times when you might not have wrapped the cord around the original PowerCurl tight […]


This is perfect! Get this short Lightning cable now for just $18.95!

How to wrap an extension cord like a contractor

What the heck?! I have never seen anybody wrap their extension cord like this, but man, I need to try this because it does look a lot better than the way I do it now.


You have 15 days to go to support this fantastic Kickstarter project by Bill May called the Limb.al. The accessory for iPhone, Android, and all micro-USB devices can charge and also hold your device in any direction you want and keep it that way.

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I’ve certainly seen auto-rewind cable management systems before, but none incorporate a socket/plug system that stays exactly where it is even when the cable is being wound back into the unit. If you aren’t sure what I mean, check out the demo video below for a comparison of how Designcord’s auto-rewind cable reel does it […]

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One look at this image and I already know that I want something like it. Companies that make wall plugs already make use of this tag-team idea so why can’t USB makers do the same as well? Yanko Design posted this fabulous idea for adding USB ports by Gonglue Jiang to any computer set up […]