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Dang, this is a big one for the NYPD. On Sunday night/Monday early morning, legendary graffiti artist COST (real name Adam Cole, 45), was arrested by the NYPD in the Meatpacking District after being caught red handed putting up some of his infamous wheatpaste posters in the area. His Porsche SUV was nearby and filled […]

How much clearer can it be that living in the suburbs is not only bad for your health but also bad for your pocket book as well?

This is a video from 2011, but somehow I had missed it here on Doobybrain. It talks about the profits the Royal Family makes from taxpayers in the United Kingdom and how that measures up with the rest of the profits and income from tourists and royal land. An interesting bit of information that doesn’t […]

I don’t know how much she makes per month in Japan so it’s hard to say for sure if Japan is “affordable” based on income, but if everything else is to be believed, then I’m not sure why everybody I’ve always talked to has said that Japan is uber-expensive. Everyday items seem to be cheaper […]


I’ve written about LockCircle before. They make those aluminum and titanium camera body caps for Canon and Nikon DSLR’s. It’s a fantastic product and one that I’ve wanted ever since finding out about them, but what the hell, why is shipping on this thing more than $20?

YouTube just launched a new channel for investigative reporting called iFiles. One of the first videos uploaded is this one about the hidden costs of growing and eating beef.