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Curious City: The science of cutting bus routes in Chicago from WBEZ on Vimeo. I didn’t know that some buses were outfitted with infrared sensors to count the number of people entering and leaving the bus. The city of Chicago uses this sort of technology to determine how efficiently their system is running and then […]

Brady Haran of Numberphile visits the YouTube HQ at Google and asks why viral video numbers often pause for a day or so at around 301. The answer involves a bit of ancient YouTube code and a bit of number-checking procedures implemented at YouTube to ensure that the number counts aren’t be rigged by bots […]

According to some, this video of a man named Jon counting to 100,000 is YouTube’s longest actual video (meaning, it’s not just an uploaded “video” of a still image). This video lasts 74 hours, 29 minutes, and 08 seconds. And now you know that somebody has done this and uploaded it to YouTube.