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Miles Crawford directs this short video about two drummers, a couple, who fight audibly and musically about what to eat.

Couple, a new app for the iPhone, looks to creatively connect couples through the iPhone so that they are never a digital touch away from each other. Kind of creepy, but if this is your thing, here you go! The app is free!

Marrying At 100 from Zack Conkle on Vimeo. Dana Jackson, 100, and Bill Stauss, 87, prove that it’s never too late to get married.

I really love this couple to death. These 3 videos here show Bart’s answers to the questions fielded to them from their fans.

Watch this hilarious blooper reel featuring two old people trying their best to say the line “Baked on a buttery, flaky, crust.” The ad is for Dysart’s Restaurant in Maine.

Unfortunately your browser does not support IFrames. Watch More News Videos at ABC | 2012 Presidential Election | Entertainment & Celebrity News Yay! I knew they would get recognition somehow! Ryan Thompson and Carlie Kennedy just appeared on Good Morning America to talk about their very special and unique proposal video making waves across the […]