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I just found out recently that Jenny Slate was the voice of Marcel The Shell. BLEW ME MIND.


KCET has an interesting 2-part post about the original locations of LP record covers in Los Angeles. With LA being a hub for recording artists, it’s no surprise that so many covers were shot around town. Some still look the same as they did decades ago while others are either gone or have changed drastically […]


Wow, these bring back so many memories. I grew up with these in my household. Each one held a bootlegged movie recorded from TV, or a copied version of a Blockbuster VHS movie, or some home videos. I never really thought of them as designed objects, but one look at them as a whole definitely […]


I took all of the Goosebumps book covers from this Wiki and compiled them all here. I used to read these books like mad.


YES! Monster Brains has posted some big images of several Starblazer comic covers. Check out some selects below and see the whole set over at Monster Brains.


According to this collection of album cover designs from Josh Smith, a lot of album covers these daysa incorporate abstract designs within circles. He’s charted them out here. Maybe this is why I’m so oddly drawn to the circle on my Instagram. [via]