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I’ve seen plenty of cows before, but no memory I can recall includes the cows running. I can barely recall an instance where I’ve seen a cow walking — they always just seem to be standing around and eating grass. Today however, I’ve learned that cows can indeed run — AND THEY CAN RUN FAST. […]


I learned from Reddit today that cows can have best friends. And not only can they have best friends, they apparently have the mental capability to be real jerks too to farmers. They’re smarter than we think. Maybe Gary Larson of The Far Side¬†was onto something…

YouTube just launched a new channel for investigative reporting called iFiles. One of the first videos uploaded is this one about the hidden costs of growing and eating beef.

A jazz group from Utah called The New Hot 5 stands at the roadside and plays a few tunes to an eager crowd of French cows. [via]