Tag: Craftsman

Lamon Luther is a design and build furniture company that employees homeless craftsmen to build their products. Lamon Luther started in January 2012 and since then has been able to provide enough work to get three men out of the woods.

Bill Concannon is the founder of Aargon Neon, one of the nation’s premiere neon sign makers. All of the pieces that Bill makes are custom orders and once he is finished on them, they almost certainly never return to his studio. This is a unique look at the place he works and how he fabricates […]

My favorite parts of this video are the parts when he hammers things and the video is sped up. It just looks and sounds so funny. But if you’re wondering if there’s another reason why I posted this video. Yes, there is. This man is a master craftsman, building an entire foot powered treadle lathe […]

For the 4th installment of their video series on skilled labor, The Scout visits master craftsman Josh Vogel and looks at his relationship with nature and films him carving pieces of art out of trees.