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The Swap-O-Matic 9-15-2010 from Lina Fenequito on Vimeo. New York is home to a couple of these Swap-o-Matic machines that become middle men in your efforts to reduce waste. Place something in, receive a credit, and maybe get something back. [via]


Craigs-lisp, the place you want to go if you prefer your Craigslist browsing with a slight lisp. Awethome!

See more funny videos and funny pictures at CollegeHumor. I really love the fact that LOLCats were invented by Bob the painter. I almost with that were true! Oh, and that WebMD bit…man, that’s so true. That website is useless.


This month’s WIRED features a story on Craigslist and its continuous rejection of all things modern on the web. It’s actually a very interesting and enlightening article on how Craigslist is a mess, but a mess that people can manage. It’s simple and without any additional features that some might find useless and that’s partially […]