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Lifehacker just posted some tips/instructions on how to save your neck when using a laptop on an airplane. The seats on an airplane [in coach] aren’t known to be the most spacious, so to make sure you aren’t straining your neck while working on that important document (or watching movies, probably, right?), you should angle […]

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Society for Community commissioned these photographs of super-cramped Hong Kong apartments to get word out that living conditions in the booming city aren’t up to code or modern standards. The images are each labeled with a QR code which opens up to a petition to the Hong Kong government for better living conditions for the […]

Faircompanies presents the 90-square foot apartment of Felice Cohen who has learned to live in tiny quarters while keeping completely satisfied with her amount of space. She stacks, stacks, stacks and organizes things where they normally wouldn’t go (bananas go in the toaster) and in the end her home doesn’t look all too bad. I […]

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Like being packed in like sardines on an airplane with very, very little room on all sides of you? Yes? Then you’ll love this new concept airline seat from Aviointeriors, an airline seating company that is proposing the new saddle-seat design for shorter flights (1-3 hours). Got carry-on luggage? Forget it, you’re flying this flight […]

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There’s something to Michael Wolf’s photos of small Hong Kong apartments that really makes me miss being in Hong Kong. In addition, seeing so many small apartments like this that are fully furnished — with bed, table, TV, and makeshift kitchen — remind me of my small flat in Melbourne. Oh, how I miss living […]