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Picked these up the other day. Definitely weird to see the creme filling in yellow. But thankfully, they didn’t try to mess with the taste. The cookie part itself has different “Spring” designs. But honestly, they’re never as good looking as the promo shots. Plus, you’re eating them anyway. More photos inside.


Caroline Saridewi, a student at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, took the familiar logo and colors from Perrier sparkling water and used it to do a mockup of what the brand’s skin care line might look like (if the brand branched off into skin care products). If these were real, I’d buy […]

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It’s funny because I don’t usually think of red as a very coffee-esque color, but


Joshua Harris designed this innovative new coffee lid to free up your hands when grabbing a cup of coffee. The new lid features a place to hold milk/cream and sugar without having to worry about it falling as you’re walking. Seems simple enough, but no coffee lid I’ve ever come across has ever featured these […]

A. Aronson, a kitchenware company based in New York, has come out with this peculiar little bake set that attempts to recreate the lovely texture and filling of a traditional Hostess Twinkie. Aptly named the Hostess Twinkies Bake Set, the box contents will allow you to create — in your very own kitchen — up […]