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You saw the first part. Now here’s Brett Domino’s fantastic 2nd part of how to make a hit pop song.

Watch this cute animation showing a giant hand creating the universe

This video by Persistent Peril called Fight For Everyone is a promo/music video for The Leisure Society (a band from the UK). It shows a giant blue hand creating the universe and then watching it tear itself apart.

Heh, take an industrial shredder video, play it backwards, and it looks like it’s creating instead of destroying.

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The Kansas City Art Institute has a website online that allows you to virtually stitch your own holiday sweater. This post is really for my friend Connie who I know would like one of these custom creations. Unfortunately, you cannot order your design.


Using geotagging data from about 35 million photos uploaded to Flickr, David Crandall and other scientists at Cornell University were able to create a map of the most popular photo-snapping locations around the globe. What David and his fellow scientists discovered was that New York City was the most photographed place in the entire world […]


Essentially, it does a pretty good job of recreating the look of Jackson Pollock’s work (click your mouse to change the paint color). The major difference is that Pollock’s work was normally very large, whereas this is most likely going to be no larger than your biggest monitor (unless you’re projecting this onto a large […]