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The Birth Of A Tool. Part I. Axe Making (by John Neeman) from John Neeman Tools on Vimeo. Watch this gorgeous video of John Neeman forging and creating an axe from start to finish. [via]

This is a hilarious talk by movie-magic maker Rob Legato on why true realism isn’t always necessary in movie-making and how sometimes recreating what the audience remembers is more vital to the emotional impact of a film than actually recreating real events.

Who hasn’t gone through this aggravating process? Also, remember that a normal password with SPACES is actually more secure than a password with symbols and special characters. Plus it’s easier to remember too.

Robots aren’t delicate creations, which means that when it comes down to making food, they are going to be pretty bad at it if it doesn’t only involve stabbing and picking up stuff. But researchers at the Technical University of Munich have developed robots and software that allow two robots named James and Rosie to […]

Nice car. But not Nissan GT-R nice. Haha, I kid I kid. This is a nice car. But not Nissan GT-R nice. Ha, I’m hilarious. Thank you, thank you!

Ivan Brunetti breaks down the art of cartooning in its simplest form in this quick tutorial on how to properly create a good and engaging comic strip. He makes it seem so easy! [via]