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This was incredibly interesting. I don’t understand every part of it, but it’s still really neat anyway. The video shows German-born producer Patrick Pulsinger explaining how modular synthesizers work. It’s a lot of experimentation when you first start out, but when you become a master at it (like he is), you end up becoming a machine […]

Project Genesis: What if computers created humans?

This short film from Alessio Fava is pretty funny, if just a little dark. In it, he imagines a world where computers came first and then invented humans, eventually leading to humans becoming self aware and taking over.

CoSPACE CoCREATE from Thomas Lee on Vimeo. If you want to get a good glimpse of Hong Kong innovation, creation, and community, then watch this video which sums up a bunch of ongoing projects happening in the busy metropolis. Love the way the cramped spaces are laid out.

I really enjoyed watching this short film called The Maker directed by Christopher Kezelos. It’s a unique way of showing life cycles by telling the story of a strange creature that needs to complete a single masterful creation before his time on his planet runs out. [via]