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Check out this short video about Brooklyn designer Tina Roth Eisenberg from Like Knows Like. If you don’t know Tina’s name, you may know her other identities/companies such as Swiss Miss, CreativeMornings, and Tattly. Each one of these side projects has blossomed into beautiful full-fledged businesses (or events, in the case of CreativeMornings) and it’s so […]

I am so glad I spent the morning watching this CreativeMornings talk from one of my favorite photographers and designers Chris Glass. He talks about his process of becoming a designer and what that entails in terms of living day to day. Most of the time, he confesses that he doesn’t really know what he’s […]

Austin Kleon of Newspaper Blackout gives this really good talk at CreativeMornings Austin about people’s fetishization of creative people and how that isn’t necessarily a good thing for our own sake. Creative work is work, and that often means sharing the failures, the works in progress, and the in-between moments that happen before a final product. […]

Back in November of last year, CreativeMornings Atlanta had Atlanta-based print shop Henry & Co. make a bunch of these posters for guests of the lecture series. The design was made along with Matchstic. What a nice gift!

“A lot of infographics are like a boring person.” It’s incredible to hear about how Jonathan Harris used different stages in his life to create truly remarkable and thought-provoking projects that lift the human spirit and educate us on cultures abroad. [via]

This is by far one of my favorite CreativeMornings talks. Aaron Draplin has always been a serious designer with an in-your-face sort of personality that speaks truth. The DDC 50 Point Plan to Ruin Yer Career – You should watch this video now.