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Whoa. Check out how quickly this credit card skimmer is removed from an actual credit card POS device. Scary.


Just like the PayPal Card, you can now get a Google Wallet card to instantly use your Google Wallet balance on purchases anywhere plastic is accepted. It’s free.

An interesting app and card being introduced today called Coin. It basically serves as a holder for all of your payment information spanning all sorts of plastics — credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, etc. You insert your card info digitally into the app and the card acts as an all-in-one card for any type […]

I really love this idea of a credit-card sized stand for the iPhone that folds out nicely to give you a tripod of sorts with full-tilt capability. At the time of this post, you’ve got 12 days to get yourself in on this Kickstarter project.


The idea for the ChargeCard is nice, but I feel like a cable with its ability to wrap around objects that you’re carrying is still more convenient than something you stuff into your wallet to make it thicker (this is at least the thickness of a credit card, if not a bit more). I recommend […]


I’m pretty intrigued by this project from Brett and Christi Fischer called the OneKlip. It’s primarily a bottle opener that serves as a wallet clip/card clip as well as a fridge magnet. You can use it for a single purpose or all of the purposes labeled on the Kickstarter page. The clip is RFID disrupting […]