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Peque – MTN Colors Australia featured artist from Glenn (aka Avene) on Vimeo. Peque and MTN Australia teamed up to create this insane mural featuring a graffiti tagging crew of a crocodile and a koala. [via]

In-Between from Team In-Between on Vimeo. I absolutely loved this animated short about a girl who has to deal with her slightly annoying and overly-loving pet crocodile. Makes me want one, but I know they won’t be nearly as active. Every time I see a crocodile, it’s just sitting there like a log.

For those of you who don’t know, a Caiman is kind of like a small crocodile.

Combined with Colombia’s Devil’s Breath, this drug makes me never want to leave my house. Although Devil’s Breath is far more dangerous, Russia’s Krokodil drug, which is described in the video above as a form of “moonshine heroin”, has a much more gruesome face. When taken, the drug eats away the body from the inside […]