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Already passed its funding, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t support! If you always wanted a motorcycle but didn’t want the bulk, then the Local Motors Cruiser is for you! It’s designed by Ianis Vasilatos and they’re taking pre-orders now for just $3499 each.

Wow, look at the light-up “POLICE” sign and badge on the side of this car. That’s actually kind of neat.

Roger Pion, angry over a recent arrest, decided to take a farming tractor to drive over several police cruisers. He took out about half of this police station’s fleet.


This Evilgood California Cruiser is more of a decorative piece than an actual board meant for riding, but if you do ride it, make sure you watch your step.

It’s been a whole month since an upload from SoCalPolicePursuits and this is an exciting one where the bad guy doesn’t win.

It’s nice to know Chevy Caprice’s are coming back to police forces in the US. A totally different look from back in the day, but still nice either way. Also, here’s a video below showing the sort of tech packed into the trunk of the new Chevy Caprice police cruiser.