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Patrick Mimran’s photo of a crashed cab, seen in New York: A Photographer’s City.

This video from Fox Marketing shows two Lexus showcars — a Lexus IS F and a Lexus Procharged IS C — meeting their doom at the LKQ facility in York Haven, PA. I didn’t know this, but apparently showcars are often crushed and destroyed because they don’t typically carry VIN numbers or are pre-production models […]


Photo: Hiroko Masuike/The New York Times This is incredibly sad and horrifying. A 41-year-old woman named Suzanne Hart was crushed to death by an elevator shaft after it shot up suddenly while she was half-way into the elevator car. The details are pretty horrific and to believe that there were two people inside the elevator […]

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Industrial designer Charly Molinelli bought a crushed and totaled Ferrari and fit it into a wooden coffee table frame, thus creating one of the most expensive coffee tables ever made. Or not. I guess a totaled Ferrari isn’t worth much at all. [via]

Holy crap, this must have been so scary. What a lucky guy, and he doesn’t even stop for more than a few seconds. He gets right back up and keeps going!