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Wait, what?! If you hate bread crust/edges, you’ll love this Kotobuki Panda Sandwich Mold used in this video.

Watch this hilarious blooper reel featuring two old people trying their best to say the line “Baked on a buttery, flaky, crust.” The ad is for Dysart’s Restaurant in Maine.


Click image to enlarge Amazing! BNKR’s Earthscraper is what a skyscraper would look like if it were built upside-down inside the earth. The proposed tower for Mexico City would essentially extend about 300 meters into the earth with bridges spanning the center of the structure so people can look down at the very tip (sort […]

I bet this place smells delicious! Food Curated interviews Allison Kave, chief pie baker at First Prize Pies inside the Essex Street Market in Manhattan on what makes her pies so good. The pie shop inside the market is fairly new — only about a year old — and this is the first time I’ve […]


Photo: Micky Isolato on Flickr Karol Lu won the top award this past weekend during the Ramen-Off competition at the Brooklyn Kitchen when she presented the ramen-crust pizza. It looks kinda mushy from the photo, but I’d eat it anyway! If you want to make this, the full recipe is online here. Anybody want to […]