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For all intents and purposes the NYC Crying Guide is a joke. But behind each post is a weird, honest truth that you can run with — basically, if you truly do need a place to cry, you can do it practically anywhere in NYC because nobody will care. Cry in public, almost nobody will […]

Chris Hadfield shows us what it’s like when people cry in space. Because of the zero-gravity conditions, tears just ball up underneath your eyes!


This is an incredibly hilarious blog. If you have a kid, or are around young kids a lot, you will find this highly relatable.

After seeing the video (below) of a 5-year-old kid crying because he was upset about Jeremy Lin not returning to the Knicks, Jeremy Lin set up a Skype video session with the kid and let him ask Lin questions for 9 minutes! Class act!!

I hope he doesn’t think crying will get him off the hook in the future. [via]