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Wow, remember Sugru? It’s that magic Play-Doh like substance that’s moldable into any shape and cures at room temperature. Well, not only can you make iPhone 4 bumpers with it, but if you have enough Sugru, you can cover an entire camera and play kickball with it too!

Dr Knowgood: Lion’s Pride from Arnold Zwanenburg on Vimeo. This lion has lost its voice! Time for a monkey cure!

So check this out. There’s this new product on the market called Sugru that’s a bit like Play-Doh with physical properties of rubber and plastic. Nobody is saying exactly what Sugru is but they are saying that it can do some mighty things such as make things softer, more durable, grippier, and be a general […]

German doctors have reason to believe that they may have encountered a possible cure for HIV by means of a bone marrow transplant. From what I understand, some people are resistant to most strains of the HIV virus because their bodies do not produce a molecule that normally acts as a “doorway” for the HIV […]