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Fast Company has a really interesting article on one Yonkers woman’s campaign to get a woman’s face onto the $20 US note. Barbara Ortiz Howard is heading up this campaign and says that there are several reasons why it would make sense. They targeted the $20, which currently features Andrew Jackson for two main reasons: […]

Jeff Rubin makes a non-conspiracy0theory-related video about the secrets on the $1 bill. We all needed this!

I missed Mark Wagner’s exhibit in NYC last month but now I’m getting a closer look at his work with American currency in this video from The Avant/Garde Diaries.


These. Are. Amazing. Jackson Robinson really did a great job designing these and delivering them on schedule. This makes me so excited to receive the Federal 52 Part 2 playing cards in the next few months. This first part delivery definitely sits at the #1 spot of all of the cards I own in my […]

ROCKETBOOM tracked down Hank Eskin, the founder of Where’s George, one of the internet’s earliest forms of social tracking. It was used to track dollar bills and other currencies floating around in circulation.