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Studio Moniker created Pointer Pointer, an amusing website that figures out where your cursor is and brings up a photo of somebody on the internet point to it. It’s frighteningly accurate. Give it a go here.


Beautiful Pixels made note of this interesting About Us page from Lateral where every single portrait changes based on the position of your mouse. Head on over there to play around with it.

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A year ago today, one of pop music’s biggest icons, Michael Jackson, passed away. To mark the anniversary of his death, Doobybrain.com is changing the mouse cursor on the site to show his sequin glove for the rest of the day. Here’s a somewhat related video from the White Glove Tracking project that turned Michael […]

The cursor doesn’t seem to be running perfectly with the touch interface, but who cares. Somebody has gotten Windows 95 to run on the iPad and that my friends, is progress! Thanks Matt!

It’s Thursday and I’m sitting at work watching this video over and over again. It’s just so damn amusing right now. [via]