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I had my first taste of a spiral escalator in San Francisco back in 2011. Before that, I had no idea that escalators could even be made in curves. Today, I learned that this is no easy feat, and Mitsubishi Electric is basically the only company still making escalators that can make one that’s curved. The […]

A man named John Scott believes he has created a better tire than what is traditionally supplied on vehicles with his CamberTire invention. The CamberTire is slightly curved inward (see image) and supposedly gives better traction and handling on just about all normal surfaces. I’ve actually never heard of these until now, but after watching the […]


Forgotten NY writes that the first curved lamppost installed in NYC was located at Murray Street and Broadway across from City Hall. The lamp was installed in 1958 and designed by Donald Deskey, a designer known for designing the interior of Radio City Music Hall , the Crest toothpaste packaging and logo, and the Tide […]

This is cool and all, but honestly, with all this tech on the dashboard, when will drivers ever find time to look at the road?


If I owned my own place, I would definitely install these curved wall beds for my cats. [via]