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I’ve been using FastCustomer a lot lately to reach customer service reps at various companies. I hate waiting on hold so much that sometimes I won’t contact a company at all even if I have an issue or problem with one of their products. It’s a bad situation that is probably good for them (because that’s […]


I’ve posted about Corter Leather before (a few times actually), but after a reader wrote in about a bad experience with the company I had to make sure that other readers weren’t being taken for a ride despite the great looking products made by the company. I made a note on all Corter Leather-related posts […]


Fast Customer is a really fascinating concept and company that I can get behind. Their goal is to be the middle-man between you and [at the time of this post] about 1000 popular companies with customer service phone numbers. The idea is brilliant really because they offer a service that takes care of something that […]