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OFFICE BEAR CREATION from DESIGNISDEAD motion on Vimeo. Design Is Dead needed an eye-catching piece for their new office and what’s better than a bear? Well, a 3D cardboard cutout of one! The bear was modeled in Cinema 4D, then flattened and brought to Pepakura to be printed on an Arduino open-sourced Powered Polargraph (Sandy […]

Wow, check out this amazing stop-motion video combining tons of paper cutouts of all shapes and colors.


Ok, hold up one second! Who is behind the terrible cut-out artwork of Jeremy Lin on the Knicks’ homepage? You can still see the black outline on him and he’s just “bumpy” around the edges. This is laziness at work. Somebody needs to be fired or demoted pronto!

After being inspired by the stop-motion video for SNASK, Ching Wen Wu made his own stop-motion piece on how coffee is made. Yum…paper! Here’s one more related one he did.