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Copenhagen is the paradise of I often dream of. This is a video of somebody riding on Copenhagen’s Cykelslangen, a superhighway of sorts made only for cyclists.


I like this series of illustrations by Kurt McRobert a lot. He has drawn up the most common cyclists seen in NYC in his own unique way.


I learned last week through Los Angeles Magazine that Southern California used to have its own dedicated bicycle highway. It was known as the California Cycleway or the Pasadena Cycleway and its purpose was to connect the cities of Pasadena with Los Angeles. The idea was the product of then-Pasadena mayor Mr. Horace Dobbins who intended the $200,000 […]


AnimalNY shares this PDF of new rules for commercial cyclists in NYC. In addition to carrying ID cards, commercial cyclists must wear a helmet, stop at all red lights and stop signs, and wear reflective vests of some sort. Let’s see how well this turns out. Commercial cyclists in NYC aren’t known to be the most […]

Every book I’ve read lately about urban city design and development focuses a section on the urban city cyclists and his/her importance to the livelihood of a city. With growing majority, younger generations are finding it less important to own a car and instead are replacing that mode of transportation with a bike, public transit, […]

Baisikeli: The Story of an African Cycling Team (teaser)

Kenyans are often stereotyped as some of the fastest people on Earth (they do win a lot of marathons after all), but what if you gave “the fastest people on earth” a bike? Would they be the fastest people on 2 wheels? That’s what the Kenyan National Cycling team wants to find out with their […]