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The University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign’s engineering department hosts an open house festival every year and this year they demonstrated the load bearing capabilities of a concrete cylinder using a huge hydraulic press. This cylinder was able to withstand a good amount of pressure before…exploding. Neat video — and nobody gets hurt. Win win!

I actually didn’t understand what was going on here at first when I saw this at The Daily What, but I get it now. That cylindrical mirror is turning that long object into an actual image of a frog due to the mirror’s surface shape and clever carving techniques in that wood.

This awesome alarm clock was one of the entries in 102.1 Edge’s World’s Biggest contest back in 2007. The alarm clock doesn’t really use any sound or loud noises, but instead it makes use of a large mounted air cylinder at the head of the bed and a valve controlled by a computer to literally […]