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This must be such a wild thing to witness happening in slow-motion. A small town in Jackson, Wyoming is being slowly ripped apart by a landslide.

He’s not talking here about porn. He’s talking about edgy movies that aren’t necessarily kid-friendly that people used to go to the cinemas to see (because they weren’t shown on TV).


A great TED Talk by Eli Pariser about the dangers of a tailored web experience and how it can severely limit our perceptions of the world around us. Things like the Facebook News Feed and personalized Google search results aren’t inherently bad things, but they can be used by us unknowingly at times to create […]

Kottke posted this very interesting video by Ron Gabriel that takes a look at a typical NYC intersection and dissects the things done wrong in the intersection by motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians. Everybody’s at fault here.

Here’s a preview of the Travel Channel’s upcoming TV series on bike messengers in NYC. It’s called Triple Rush.

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The Daily Mail has some incredible photos of Stacey Herald, the world’s smallest mother [of 2] who is going against her doctor’s wishes and risking her own life to have another child. Stacey hails from Dry Ridge, Kentucky and measures in at only 2 feet 4 inches tall. Stacey suffers from Osteogenesis Imperfecta which causes […]