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This is amazing. Video from Saturdays Surf NYC. Shot on April 10, 2013.

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A newly released NASA-NOAA satellite image gives a good sense of what the world looks like in darkness. Look at how bright the Northeast US is! You can see the entire image set on Flickr. Impressive! And if you missed it previously, here is the Earth during the day in the new “Blue Marble” image.


The Verge notes that Iwan Baan’s amazing photo of part of Manhattan in darkness (used for New York Magazine’s latest cover) was shot on a Canon EOS 1D-X at ISO 25,600, 1/40 shutter speed, and a wide open aperture on the 24-70mm f/2.8 L lens. Iwan Baan’s other photos from the dark times in Manhattan […]

Check out this photo by Iwan Baan taken on Wednesday of Manhattan in partial darkness due to the power outtages after Hurricane Sandy. The image is now the cover of the latest issue of New York magazine!


This might be the most remarkable screengrab of Felix Baumgartner’s freefall skydive from outer space. [via]

I’ve only ever been in near-total darkness once in my life. That was aboard a yacht boat in the middle of the Coral Sea off the coast of Queensland, Australia. Having grown up in city-life most of my life, I found the stillness and utter darkness of the open waters completely terrifying. You literally couldn’t […]