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This is simply amazing. Dustin Cable at University of Virginia’s Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service used the 2010 US Census data to create this Racial Dot Map of every nearly every single person living in the US based on their race. The map as you can imagine gives a broader perspective on race relations and segregation […]

I don’t find myself wanting to try this on my own, but the concept and implementation of visualizing your email connections is quite neat. Watch the video and give it a try here. The web app promises to only look at your email headers and not the email content to grab your email connections.


This is a neat idea, although it sort of sucks that it’s currently limited to just three cities in the US: Manhattan, San Francisco, and Portland. But if you’ve gone to any of those 3 places and want a personalized map of your Foursquare checkins, then go to Etch and connect your Foursquare account to […]