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Here’s a wonderful short video by David Joseph Falossi II that’s made from more than 30 video clips taken from commercials and online videos. The idea and words in the video come from an article written by Adi Zarsadias.

Timothy Goodman and Jessica Walsh are taking part in an experiment where they date each other for 40 days to gain some perspective (hopefully) on their very different relationship problems. As of this post, they have so far dated for 7 days. The video above shows the rules they must follow. Follow their progress here.

Sample image taken from the Fujifilm X100s.

Judging by the date set on the B&H product page, it’s safe to say that the Fujifilm X100s will see US market release on March 22nd. Highly likely too considering the fact that the camera has already been released in Japanese markets.

sugar coat from togo takuro on Vimeo. The story of a man with no hair and a woman with no boobs.