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So…a man named Dave in Arkansas is in love with balloons. And not like, Oh, balloons are pretty cool, but more like If I could marry this balloon I would. Freaky. [via]


So I got this email yesterday…not sure if it’s an internet troll just trying to stir up problems or if this person truly believes what he is writing. Anyway, just a few words on this one in case anybody else out there is thinking the same thing as “Dave” above (who couldn’t even include a […]


To celebrate their 15th anniversary, Famous Dave’spit BBQ is giving a free entree worth up to $15 to anybody who comes in on August 30, 2009 named Dave, David, or Davy. Gotta take my dad here on August 30th for sure. Thanks Andrew!

david + grace’s same day edit // cape may NJ from StillMotion on Vimeo. My friend Dave Hong got married this weekend. He and his wife Grace hired the amazing video team at StillMotion to do their wedding video (I’ve posted about how StillMotion’s wedding videos look like music videos before). If you’re wondering, this […]

Watch more cool animation and creative cartoons at aniBoom Show Reel 2008 My friend Dave Hong has entered his show reels into the aniBoom Awards 2008 competition and it would be great if you could help him out and view some of his amazing animation work. The work uploaded to the competition consists mostly of […]