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In Search of the Last Dinosaur of the Congo with David Choe

This is one of the weirdest VICE videos I’ve seen lately. In it, David Choe takes us deep into the Congo forest in search of what locals think is the last living dinosaur on earth. It turns out exactly as I had imagined it would. A waste of my time — and it seems a […]

David Choe has a series of odd videos of him with Aubrey Plaza. You sort of need to know the two of them to understand what’s going on and why these videos are so awkwardly funny.


Barbara Walters met up with now-super-rich graffiti artist David Choe to talk about his newfound riches after his stock in Facebook turned into gold once Facebook went public. I didn’t know this, but apparently when David Choe was asked by Facebook to paint their walls, he was offered about $60,000 or the option to take […]