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This is David Guttenfelder. He is one of my modern-day photographic heroes and definitely one of my favorite accounts to follow on Instagram as he regularly posts un-edited photos from within North Korea’s borders without any input or hindrance from the DPRK. Thanks to the Associated Press, David Guttenfelder is the only Western photojournalist with […]

I follow David on Instagram and his account is probably the most unique and interesting of all the accounts I follow. His view of North Korea is not only rare but also very thought-provoking.


I’m not exactly sure if this means anything in particular, but it sure is a sign that North Korea is starting to be a bit more open about what foreigners do inside their borders. While I was familiar with David Guttenfelder’s photos from his previous trips to NK, I had no idea until just now […]


Photo: AP Photo/David Guttenfelder I’ve said lately that North Korea must be a photographer’s wonderland. It’s got weird stuff and weird scenes to capture at every turn I bet. I mean, look at this paradise!! It’s almost as if human rights atrocities aren’t happening there everyday!