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Wow, every line and action, memorized nearly perfectly by Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Malcolm Gladwell drops some knowledge about the famous Biblical story of David and Goliath.

A new viral video for the movie Prometheus is making me think that this upcoming sci-fi flick is going to be amazing. Here, Michael Fassbender plays an android.

Remember David, the cute 7-year-old that started rambling after being under medication from a dentist visit? Well, a new video has just been posted that shows a short before the dentist scene and additional after the dentist scenes not seen in the initial video. Check it out above! [via]


To celebrate their 15th anniversary, Famous Dave’spit BBQ is giving a free entree worth up to $15 to anybody who comes in on August 30, 2009 named Dave, David, or Davy. Gotta take my dad here on August 30th for sure. Thanks Andrew!